A number of Zimbabwean celebrities have been trending on social media for various negative reasons, most of them have managed to gain popularity through their controversial lifestyle.

Below is a top 10 list of controversial celebrities in the country.

10.Olinda Chapel
Chapel based in United kingdom has managed to create enough drama especially on social media, chapel has had much marital drama mostly with popular rapper stunner, Olinda dumped Stunner on claims that he was cheating on her with young girls, she also had issues Titan of the Mukoko hit, She also accused him of infedelity.

9. Andy Muridzo
Muridzoshocked many after revelations that he had been cheating on his wife with Raunchy dancer Bev. In 2017, he was arrested for a hit and run and driving without a license. He has also been accused of infidelity.

8. Vimbai Zimuto
Zimuto made headlines for her 2018 music video considered to be too liberal, in 2019 she started posting her nude pictures online attracting both criticism and praise.

7. Talent Madungwe
Madungwe says he visits heaven regularly as he is the heaven army commander. He said he started visiting God in 2006 after than he has been been going regularly, he claims to have celebrated his birthday in Heaven and that God wants visited him.

6. Passion Java
Java has been in news for his prophetic gift and flamboyant life style this has however led many to question his source of wealth and credibility. Many prophets including Uebert Angel and Bismarck have refused being associated with Java.

5. Temba Mliswa
Mliswa was expelled from ZANU PF together with his uncle Didymus Mutasa following accusations of insubordination, functionalism and undermining the office of the president.

4. Talent Chiwenga
Chiwenga is mostly known for criticising politicians and other religious leaders during his sermons.

3. Energy Mutodi
Mutodi was accused of swindling civil servants their money through fake housing scheme initiative, he also took over the Utakataka Band members after promising to take care of Peter Moyo shortly after his father’s death. As a minister of information, Mutodi used social media to bash people which got him fired.

2.Felistas Edwards( Mai TT)
Mai TT is kwown as a self proclaimed Mafira kureva who does not hesitate to say out her views. She rose to fame when she accused madam boss of sleeping her way to the top, Mai TT has always claimed to be in possession of dirty v11s which can tarnish the image of her rivals. After breaking up with she claimed he does not last long in bed.

1. Genius kadungure
Ginimbi has been arrested on a number of occasions following allegations of fraud. Ginimbi’s life has been caught up between arrest and money.