Prophet Jay Israel of Spirit life church says he was initiated into the satanic covenant wearing red gowns by Pastor Alpha Lukau.

He said the initiation granted him power to perform miracles, lure a huge congregation and have more money.

Jay Israel said he has been indulging in a number of satanic activities thus he feels people should hear the whole truth.

He said the peace sign always done at Lukau’s church is a satanic symbol which represents a broken course or a symbol of rejecting Christ.

Prophet Jay said he will not forgive himself for the things he has done as he allowed the devil to have the best of him and mislead a number of people he led.

Tearful pastor Jay said he is willing to take responsibility of his actions during his tenure with Pastor Lukau.

He added that all those he led in East London and anywhere else in the world, should try to forgive him for having draggged them in the way of darkness.