Relations between South Africa and Botswana have reached an all time low over allegations that $10 Billion was stolen from Botswana in an attempt to fund a coup against the government of Masisi.

SA Businesswoman, Bridget Motsepe Hadebe, who is the sister in law of SA President,Cyril Ramaphosa, has been named in the Coup plot.

It was reported that SA State Security minister, Ayanda Dlodlo, has cancelled a planned trip to Botswana which was due to happen during the same week that the case agains Bridgette is also due to start.

The SA government said Dlodlo was travelling to Botswana to discuss the customs union and the meeting was cancelled and his visit had nothing to do with Bridgette’s case.

The Botswana government of Masisi has appointed SA organisation, Afriforum to represent them in the case against Motsepe.

This appointment has been criticized by local lawyers in Botswana who view Afriforum as an organisation that represents white interests in SA.

Bridgette on her part, says she does not want her brother in law, Cyril Ramaphosa, to be dragged into the matter.

The matter threatens to damage relations between South Africa and Botswana as it involves powerful families in SA that are said to be trying to install a government of their choice in Botswana so that they can control the economy of the small country.