Cheap Stands 130km from Harare – Zvimba Rural District Council

Zvimba Rural District Council is servicing 99 commercial stands comprising of 1 fuel station ,2 supermarkets, 1 bank and the rest are for any other commercial activities.

In a Facebook post, the Council revealed that the stands are at the centre of Murombedzi township and strategically positioned.

So far servicing is now at 70% in which surfacing is awaiting tendering, Drainage has been completed and Roads are fully gravelled

Murombedzi township is 130KM away from Harare, 60 Km from Norton town centre, 40 km from Chegutu and 40km from Chinhoyi.

The township is situated 30km from Darwendale where the Russian platinum project is set for inception as recently approved by central government.

Zvimba RDC is in talks with the firm such that its employees and management will set its accommodation base at Murombedzi growth point.

We therefore look forward to have this platinum firm investing in massive housing schemes for the residence of its employees in Murombedzi will provide employment opportunities for locals.

Murombedzi is set to register high economic activity arising from more money circulatory as a result of the platinum mining project which will oil several downstream activities in the value chain.

Potential investors are invited to take up space at the commercial infill by registering on our waiting list for consideration once stands are fully serviced. Our waiting list is $ 115.00 (which can be revised) for commercial stands. Stands are targeted for Disposal around June to July 2020.