South African Apostle Fundi Gumede says her life changed when she was staying with her parents and got pregnant before she was married and as the daughter of one of the first black mayors in South Africa, her father’s image would be tarnished because of that.

She says that she overheard her father talking to someone on the phone about a plan to kill her and dump her in a ditch and not so long after, she was taken by a police van.

As the van was driving to her death spot, Fundi says that she jumped out of the van to save her life and later woke up at the hospital with her mother while she later stayed with after her father sent her off.

Fundi says that living with her mother was hard because they lived in a shack and worked as domestic workers until she passed her matrix and got a job at a bank where she later met a man who paid bride price for her.

She thought that this was her breakthrough before the man started abusing her, beating her up and giving her curfews to come back home.

Not so long after the abuse started she divorced her husband only to marry him again after he had been born again and asked her for forgiveness.

After some time her husband was injured and could not walk or talk for a long time until he started getting better and could talk again after months of prayer and therapy.