Prophet Walter Magaya of PHD ministries has promised to compensate his congregants after being accused of scamming investors in his land and housing scheme.

This comes after Zimbabweans expressed their anger at one of Walter Magaya’s Churches in Capetown and besieged the building seeking immediate refunds.

In a conversation with Comedian, Mai TT, Prophet Walter Magaya said that there was no scamming, instead the land was bought for people in Bulawayo and Harare and that he was going to take care of queries after the Covid19 lockdown.

Magaya said he was going to make the effort of compensating those who feel like they were scammed after the lockdown because he has not been doing good financially because of the lockdown.

Magaya asked for a grace period after the lockdown to gather funds to compensate his congregants even though the land was already acquired.

Media reports indicated yesterday that the investors were supposed to have been given their serviced stands within 24 months, however, it has now been 3 years without delivery of the stands.