Nelson Chamisa leader of the Movement for Democratic Change Alliance says Emmerson Mnangagwa is behaving like a bull in a China shop.

Speaking to eNCA on Sunday, Chamisa said Mnangagwa is attacking his party because he feels threatened by its presence.

He said the recalling of his MPs is Emmerson Mnangagwa’s doing together with the speaker of Parliament conniving to entrench authoritarianism and one party state.

He said, Mnangagwa is trying to conflate MDC T and MDC A a stand-alone party, into one entity so that he can control the party through the political dialogue.

Chamisa said he is willing to meet Mnangagwa for a genuine political dialogue addressing fundamental issues affecting Zimbabwe.

He added that Zimbabwe’s crisis emanates from the political and legitimate crisis which can only be resolved if there is legitimacy and democracy.

Chamisa said there should be measures taken to address the situation in Zimbabwe, these include.

1. Agree on the nature of the problem at hand.
2. A comprehensive set of reforms.
3. National healing
4. Build bridges with the international community
5. Humanitarian intervention