Reinstated acting President of Movement for Democratic Change Tsvangirai Thokozani Khupe has managed to stand her ground in the male dominated political arena which many women have failed to do.

Thokozani khupe was born on 18 November 1963 in Bulawayo, she ventured into Zimbabwean politics, she is also a trade unionists.

She once saved in the government of national unity right from its formation on 18 February 2009 to the year 2013 as the country’s deputy prime minister.

Khupe graduated from university in 1999 in Italy with a certificate in Information technology, she also holds a bachelor of arts in media studies from ZOU, masters in business administration from NUST and a PHD in Social sciences.

She served as an official of the Zimbabwe Amalgamated Railways Union in 1987, in 1991 she served in the ZCTU as one of the women advisors.

In 1999 she participated in the formation of MDC T led by Tsvangirai, in 2002 she was appointed as MP for Makokoba constituency. In, 2005 she was elected as the Vice President.

In 2012 she opened the Khupe cancer, she is also the president of the global power women promotes gender equality.

Khupe has been causing quite a drama on social media following her visit to Morgan Tsvangirai’s grave for consultation and her plot to topple Nelson Chamisa.

Khupe was reinstated as the legitimate President of MDC T by the supreme court ruling passed on the 31st of May 2020.