Passion Java has responded to Mai TT saying that she is an old lady who should not be in social media and that she once threatened to leak his na_ked pictures.

In a live Instagram video with Prophet Israel Mathew, Passion Java said that Mai TT once got angry with him because he bought Madam Boss a car instead of buying that car for Mai TT herself.

Passion Java says he had to apologise because he wanted to keep his dignity as a man and also because Mai TT is much older however he was surprised when Mai TT threatened to leak his na_ked pictures.

He says that he was shocked because he could never send na_ked pictures to a woman like Mai TT who does not even deserve men of his caliber.

Comedian Felistus Edwards popularly known as Mai Tt recently blasted Prophet Passion Java for trying to control her using the money she claimed comes from church offerings.