Following a story published in alleging that the US Embassy in Harare was involved in Faking the abduction of Dr Peter Magombeyi, Gambakwe Media contacted Dr Tapiwa Mashakada, who denied talking to any journalist at and ever making such an allegation.

Here is Dr Tapiwa Mashakada ‘s full statement.

Rebuttal of Fake Bulawayo 24 Story on Dr Peter Magombeyi attributed to Dr Tapiwa Mashakada
Fellow Zimbabweans, Beware of fake news and lies being peddled by Pedzisayi Ruhanya and his former Zinasu student propagandists. Let me set the record straight on Human Rights Abuses:- I have condemned and will condemn any abuse of human rights, especially violence, torture and abductions. In my recent interview with Sly Media, I condemned the alleged abduction of Hon Johana Mamombe and the 2 girls. This is on record. I urge readers to watch the live interview. A wrong is a wrong. How can I now dismiss the alleged abduction and torture of Dr Peter Magombey. Alleged abduction of Dr Peter Magombeyi was callous and inhumane. It was a barbaric act and I condemn it for the umpteeth time.

The Bulawayo 24 story is obviously calculated by Pedzisai Ruhanya and his cabal to tarnish my credibility and image but this will not work

The cabal is trying all dirty tricks in the book to muzzle me. Now imagine if such a cabal become in charge of State media and State machinery one day. They will arrest, put on trial and judge their opponents using the pen. Their student like behaviour will not go away so easily. They are Masters of media theatrics and chicanery. Ruhanya is a former Daily News Political Editor.

The desperate cabal led by Ruhanya and Hwende are so desperate to muzzle me and soil my image. Recently they desperately staged an interview using Zim-eye featuring a confused man claiming I had snatched his wife. I bet you the next stupid dramma they will stage is a RAPE CASE.

They will even make attempts on my life. I now fear for my life and that of my family.

To the media, I urge you to check and verify some of the fake news before your media houses are abused.

But in the name of the Almighty all these shenaniguns will fail. As Prophet Jeremiah reassures me, no weapon fashioned against me shall prosper.

Fellow Zimbabweans, you are educated. Don’t swallow line hook and sinker whatever you read from the media about me. Please check with me first. There is a well orchestrated and well oiled media campaign against me from my former MDC Alliance embittered former Zinasu leaders who have hijacked the labour backed party.

Zikomo kwambiri.

Dr Tapiwa Maji-Marefu Mashakada
20 June 2020