Shakespeare Mukoyi National Youth Chairperson for MDC T says that he sided with Thokozani Khupe because she has kept the original idea of Morgan Tsvangirai which has been there for so long.

Mukoyi said that he does not hate Chamisa or any of his ideologies however he thinks that the two Nelson Chamisa and Khupe cannot dislodge ZANU PF without the other.

Mukoyi says that him and Chamisa have more in common than they are enemies because they have similar ideologies and they all do not want to see ZANU PF in power.

He says that even though most of their MDC members of Parliament are still listening to Chamisa, his decision on siding with Khupe was not based on number of members of Parliament, but on the ideologies held by the party.

Mukoyi said that he apologised to Khupe lately because of some internal factors and not the Buhera incident where he was accused of burning down a hit where Thokozani Khupe was.

As one of the party youths Mukoyi apologised to Khupe in Monday at the party’s first Standing Committee meeting at the Morgan Richard Tsvangirai House.