Gospel music power couple Pastor Charles and Olivia Charamba popularly known as the Charambas said they are national property onwned by Zimbabweans.

The Charambas said they will continue their journey in rendering their services, educating and inspiring people through their gospel music.

Speaking during the African Child day on Tuesday, the Charambas said the young generation has allowed its self to be controlled by technology which is destroying many personal relationships.

The Charambas said the generation nowadays is no longer practicing patience instead they believe in love at first sight, rush into marriages and within a few years or months they are divorced.

The Charambas said they have managed to grow old together because they understood that love is not about physical appearance but understanding the character of one’s partner the “good and bad”.

The Charambas also warned people against using their gospel music for entertainment sake because it is a sin before the face of God.

The Charambas promised to continue producing music for the soul which is one of their ways of educating the society.