22 year old Sibusiso Nxadlana, who grew up in Thembisa Township revealed that his life changed for the worst after the passing of his sister whom he used to share all secrets with and share with her his problems.

He says he then joined a gang where he was selling drugs for a Nigerian man whom he called Mr White until he got framed and was arrested on charges of kidnapping and rape.

After some time he was dismissed however he could not go back to school because his mother was sick and her condition got worse after he dissapointed her.

After that he began smoking Nyaope and stealing from people until one day her mother collapsed and had to be rushed to hospital after she heard that her son had been poured with petrol to be set on fire but was helped by the police.

He says he then went to Limpompo for 8 weeks  where he repented and got baptised before coming back home and lost his mother on her birthday after he had just went to buy her a gift.

During the funeral, his family members called him names and he says he has been struggling to quit Nyaope to the extent of only looking for money to buy some.