Zimbabweans Will Not Demonstrate Against ZANU-PF – Jaison Midzi

Zimbabweans are too hungry and the opposition is too disorganised.

Australia Based Communications Director of the Zimbabwe People’s Party, Jaison Midzi says Zimbabweans Will not demonstrate against ZANU-PF because they are too hungry and opposition parties are too disorganized.

Midzi says there will be no incentive for an NTA because ZANU-PF is too powerful and is still supported by military movements due to their links from the days of the liberation struggle.

Midzi said instead, people should be looking at uniting and working to win elections in 2023.

Midzi said the biggest problem in Zimbabwe is the lack of good leadership, something that can be seen across Zimbabwean society for example in churches, ZANU-PF and even the opposition parties where everyone wants to be the leader and their constitutions are not followed.

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