Key figures snubbed a key discussion online panel discussion on the National transitional Authority that was held online by Ibbo Mandaza of the Sapes Trust.

People who snubbed the meeting  include Jonathan Moyo, Tendai Biti, Simba Makoni, Nkosana Moyo, Victor Matemadanda, and the Chinese Ambassador.


Ibbo Mandaza gave an introduction on a National transitional Authority.

Key points

Shingi Munyeza – Presidential Advisory Committe

1. Zimbabwe is now in state failure, coming from state capture and into state abuse. There is now a perfect storm. The nation needs a soft landing as we are going to crash. There is a need for a transitional period. The end result should be an election that is not contested. Munyeza explains why he is in not resigning from PAC. Even ZANU-PF should is needed because the NTA starts with truth and reconciliation .

Lybia and Sudan situations resulted in destruction. If there is no soft landing requires regional and international support because the people who have power will end up with the power.

Gladys Hlatyshwayo – MDC Alliance

2. The Opposition is still strong and is following the social democratic values. MDC Alliance is being targeted by the Military because of those values.

The MDC subscribes to the concept of an National Transitional Mechanism. The Re-load period does not unpack the idea because this is something for Zimbabweans to determine.

Godfrey Tsenengamu – Fomer ZANU PF youth leader

3. A total 4200 Career Politicians from across the political divide are the problem in Zimbabwe. MDC had an opportunity when they were part of the inclusive government to push for electoral reforms. In 2008, MDC had a majority. Politicians are just playing mind games. We have to take power back to the people.

The military should be involved in political affairs as a critical stakeholder but not in a coup. Going forward, there must be an avoidance of unneccessary confrontations as it has no guaranteed outcome, it must be a Zimbabwean Affair and must be owned by the people.

Rev Keneth Mtata – Zimbabwe Council of Churches

4. The church has proposed a 7 year cool down period or Sabbath with no elections under a transitional mechanism. The major political parties can not take the nation out of the current problems as they are failing to build consensus. There is too much at stake for both sides. The National Convergence Platform is now busy with this process in communities and in the Diaspora. The idea is to discuss the significance and not the structure. The differences between Zimbabweans are too deep.

Jestina Mukoko – Zimbabwe Peace Project

5. The National Convergence Platform can bring everyone together. The challenges have been identified. All civil society to go back to their constituencies. Concerned about constitutional amendments.

Michel Hakata – Media Practitioner

6. Media space should be opened up .

Noah Manyika – Build Zimbabwe

7.  We have all failed and one section can not be blamed. Every generation has failed. The wall of protection around the minority that oppresses the majority must collapse. people should convince junior soldiers to disobey junior soldiers.

Siphosami  Malunga

8. Zimbabwe does not have a government that is serving the interest of the people. There is a small elite that has captured the state for personal benefit. They have insulated themselves with the military, party, judiciary etc. They need to go!

The people need to reclaim their state using the institutions that the state controls. People must demand that the whole government resigns as happened in Sudan, Ukraine. Zimbabweans must not wait for messiah. People should not expect Chamisa, Military or someone else to lead them.

The NTA should come after people take control of their power from the elite and this should not be restricted to MDC and ZANU-PF.

Prof Brian Raftopolus

9. The drivers of change will be international pressure on the government that wont budge. The opposition runs a risk of being disabled before 2023. SADC and the AU need to take their values more seriously. Sanctions will not make the people revolt.

Swiss Ambassador – Nic Jager

10. The time is right to engage in this dialogue. Its important to be flexible in the different approaches.

EU Ambassador – Timo Olkkonen

11. There are several dimensions to international relations. The situation in the country has disappointed. You cant separate the economic from the political and human rights agenda.

John Yohane

12. There should be an exit package for the present regime to incentivise them to leave.

Pearl Matibe

13. The international community needs to be be a catalyst for change. Sanctions should not be lifted. Zimbabweans should protest so that change is from the bottom up.

Naomi Chitambira

14. The Present government should not get a golden handshake because they have failed.
NTA  Must not be politicised must have technical people. It must not include people who have been in politics.

Dr Limukani Mathe

15. The NTA will depend on whether Mnangagwa and Chiwenga are willing to go for an NTA.

Elenor Sisulu

16. Talking and Healing and reconciliation did not work in 2008. Zimbabwe can still be beaten and abused. The politicians had an accommodation. NTA must happen after ZANU-PF is stripped of their power.

Brighton Chireka

Zimbabweans are not effective followers, they are Yes people and leaders are therefore getting a way with everything.

Fungai Jira

You can not negotiate with someone with all the power. Even if there is an NTA, ZANU-PF will keep the power.

Tony Reeler – Platform for concerned citizens

There is need for National Dialogue and Political Settlement. There is need for a platform for people to gather together and discuss a way forward.


. The conditions are not yet in place for an NTA in Zimbabwe. The question is how do we bring about the conditions for an NTA
– Most Zimbabweans are concerned about who to include and the structure of the NTA. What will be the role of the army going forward.
– Politicians will not agree to step aside and let non politicians run the NTA.
– The role of the International community in mapping the way forward
– Many Zimbabweans are imagining a winner take all scenario. However, the reality is that the future must be that of co-existence and that needs to be mid-wifed.
– What is the role of G40 going forward?