Mwonzora Condems the harassment of Honourable Mpariwa.

The Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) party has slammed the G40 for the harassment of women in politics with Hon Paurina Mupariwa being the latest casualty of this orgy of violence by the Chamisa led outfit.

In a press Statement by MDC, posted today they wrote:

“The MDC has noted with dismay the continued harrassment of women in politics by the G40 fronting Alliance outfit, with Hon Paurina Mupariwa being the latest casualty of this orgy of violence by the Chamisa led outfit.

The circumstances around Hon Paurina Mpariwa’s harassment and her subsequent ejection from the outfit all point to the characteristic  intolerant nature of the Nelson Chamisa grouping against political divergence and woman in general.

The harassment labelling  and name calling to which Hon Mpariwa has been subjected to by certain sections of the media, as well as members of the public at the instigation of the G40 fronting Alliance is a clear testimony of the dictatorship disposition characterising Nelson Chamisa’s leadership.

We wish to state that Hon Mpariwa is a veteran of the MDC, whose grassroots lie in trade unionism. She has served the party valiantly and respectfully and deserves the respect of all MDC cadres and the country at large.

It remains our value as the MDC to treat all women with respect. The incidents we have witnessed in the last 2 years, including the abuse of Madame Khupe, go against everything we stand for as a party.

It goes without saying that women are our mothers and community builders and should be respected, treasured and celebrated at every opportunity.

As the MDC we will continue to fight for the restoration of our founding values of equality, constitutionalism, rule of law,  democracy, enjoyment of fundamental freedoms and legitimacy.

We call upon every peace loving citizen of Zimbabwe to condemn these barbaric acts of lawlessness and vindictiveness which the Nelson Chamisa led Alliance outfit would like to perpetuate in the Zimbabwean body politic.

This level of intolerance by people purporting to be fighting for democracy in Zimbabwe are not only shocking but hypocritical and disconcerting.

As we prepare for our 31st July Congress we urge our membership to remain resolute and focused in safeguarding our founding values and restoring the MDC as the genuine alternative government in Zimbabwe.”