Mwonzora Faction Angry With Makone Over Harvest House Ownership Court Case

Key figures in the Mwonzora Faction of the MDC  have revealed that MDC Alliance security at Harvest House peacefully handed over the keys to the new Security team as they were not being paid by Nelson Chamisa.

Paul Saungweme, who is a vocal supporter of Mwonzora, said it was the MDC Alliance security which approached Mwonzora and his team, striking a deal to surrender the building peacefully.

Moreover, According to legal documents at court submitted by Harvest House trustees and the Alliance police were called by Charlton Hwende and the MDCA employees, Mwonzora did not use state security forces to seize the building.

Saungweme said Ian Makone is reluctant to challenge Harvest House takeover as the truth is damaging.

“The short version is that Ian Makone can no longer be a trustee cause he holds a position in the MDCA making him a conflicted party amongst the trustees check the lines maked in pink”.