BREAKING : Douglas Mwonzora Obtains Peace Order Against Nelson Chamisa

Douglas Mwonzora has obtained a Peace order barring Chamisa from coming to Morgan Richard Tsvangirai House.

This was announced during today’s press conference addresss by Mwonzora, Mudzuri and Komichi.

Other let points discussed include:

Present was Mudzuri, and Komichi
– Key equipment and key documents secured
– Ngadziore and Charlton Hwende brought 45 youths and broke the back door
– peace order with the Magistrate court
– MRT House is the head office of the MDC-T
– Rolling out the program of addressing structures on Congress Delegates
– 5 Alliance partners met from 5 Parties
– Boycott of parliament was irresponsible
– Will be pressing charges for malicious damage to property
– Will be filing a civil suit for stolen property
– Soldiers and Army came in after Hwende and his team came to disrupt
– The youths wanted to burn down the building
– MWonzora is aware of the ownership of MRT House
– Youths are cleaning the building
– On Tuesday there a standing committee
– Chamisa pictures will be replaced by those of Morgan Tsvangirai
– Mahere now spokesman without any track record in the party
– Chamisa now under the influence of G40
– ZANU PF is not responsible for the problems in the MDC
– Mwonzora and Komichi denied having receiving any money from ZANU PF
– Police are at Harvest House as part of the court order
– Bye Elections show decline of the MDC
– Letter will be written to Chamisa on Tuesday after standing committee
– The issues that resulted to the dismissal of Biti and Ncube are embrassing
– Missing funds will be investigated and tracked
– Political finance act funds will come to MDC-T
– 140 MDC Employees have been reinstated