In a Shocking interview that exposed the newly appointed MDC Alliance spokesperson, Fadzayi Mahere failed to answer most questions asked by Lance Guma of Nehanda TV.

When asked why the lawyers failed to present a constitution in court, she said the courts are captured by ED Mnangagwa in order to destroy opposition paving way for a one party state.

Mahere, who seemed unprepared for the interview, often failed to  answer questions asked directly.

She said the MDC Alliance derives its mandate from the will of the people therefore the party will not be defined by the courts.

Mahere said the party was justifiable to take Khupe and her team to court for recalling four of Chamisa’s MPs because all remaining Mps are now exposed.

Mahere said MDC A proved to be a political party when it contested in the 2018 July with Chamisa getting more than 2 million votes indicating that Zimbabweans were clear of what political party they were rallying behind:

Mahere also failed to answer when asked  why the MDC Alliance went to courts when they claimed the courts were captured.

On the way forward, Mahere said the MDC Alliance will consult will the structures on the way forward.