PANIC As Chamisa is Deserted By Prominent MPs and Senators

There is massive panic in the MDC as more MDC MPs and Senators have defied Nelson Chamisa’s order to disengage from Parliament.

Prominent MPs openly attended the National Assembly sitting on Tuesday.

Morgan Tsvangirai’s son Vincent together with Constance Chihururu, Joyce Makonya, Winnie Kankuni, David Tekeshe, Virginia Mafuta and Christine Rambanepasi (Java) attended the meeting.

The latest MPs to speak said it is pointless to boycott parliamentary meetings because of only four MPs were recalled.

In an audio circulating on social media, two MDC A legislators are heard condemning Chamisa’s directive to boycott parliament as the move will  jeopardise their only source of income.

Makonya said: “We are encouraged by the coming of Vincent Tsvangirai. The son of our founding father knows what is happening and the right direction to take. He knows his father was for constitutionalism and he wants to protect what his father started”.

Simba Chikanza said Prophet Passion Java’s mother Senator Christine Rambanepasi has become the latest MDC Alliance parliamentarian to betray her leader Chamisa after she attended parliament yesterday in open defiance of a party resolution to disengage from the house.

In a interview, Rambanepasi clearly stated that she does not answer to anyone, therefore people should stop questioning her actions.

Speaker of Parliament Jacob Mudenda warned MDC legislators boycotting the parliament that the Standing Rules and Orders will soon be revoked.