Apostle Talent Chiwenga has threatened to take legal action against Kudzai Violet Gwara and Phathisani Sibanda of Star fm for questioning the authenticity of his gospel.

This comes after Starfm posted on its Facebook page a question which was to be discussed during the 3to6 express with Phathisani and KVG on whether Chiwenga is a true prophet or a vendetta preacher.

Chiwenga said he has contacted Starfm however if they fail to respond to his message he will take legal action against the radio station for being paid to attack Jesus Revelation Ministries and his gospel.

Media houses do not possess the power to criticise religious people because they function “extremely unspiritual”.

Chiwenga said star fm is captured by the government therefore instead of criticizing the unpreparedness of the government in dealing with covid-19, Mnangagwa’s government abuses and abduction of three MDC A, the station is busy tackling issues of less importance.

Chiwenga said if they were in their right minds, Kudzai and Phathisani would not defile their lives before God to become spiritual commentators which they do not have a clue about.

Chiwenga has challenged KVG and Phathisani to call him to the station together with Pasto Magaya and Ezekiel Guti to distinguish who the true prophet of God is