EXCLUSIVE : Tinashe Jonas Explains Why He Is Calling Politicians To Apologize

Jonas to go back to Zimbabwe to face charges

Ideal Zimbabwe President, Tinashe Jonas, explained this afternoon why he has been calling Zimbabwe politicians to apologise.

Jonas said he has decided to stop insulting people and wants to engage respectfully.

Jonas already called various leaders, apologising for calling them names.

Jonas says he will not be joining ZANU PF or MDC-T, but will seek engagement rather than confrontation.

On whether he will go back to Zimbabwe to face charges, Jonas said he will go as soon as the lockdown is over to face charges in court for insulting General Chiwenga and ED Mnangagwa.

Jonas refuted allegations that he faked his abduction or beating in Pretoria and said these were actual events.

On whether he will still pursue the removal of ZANU PF through war, Jonas said he has put away those ideas and will now be a peaceful person.