CONTROVERSIAL : Strive Masiyiwa Says Soldiers No Longer In Charge in Sub Saharan Africa

Africa is doing well

Strive Masiyiwa, Founder and Chairman of Econet Holdings made a number of controversial statements while addressing the seed2feed conference.

Masiyiwa says Africa is growing and growth above 7% is a given. He said the only challenge in Africa is equitable and sustainable development, because you can not have prosperity and poverty at the same time.

Masiyiwa said elections in Sun Saharan Africa are now peaceful, and the soldiers are gone, with democratically elected governments in the majority of countries.

Masiyiwa said when Nelson Mandela came out of prison 20 years ago, only 7 African countries were holding regular elections, now only 7 countries are not holding regular elections, most of them in North Africa.

Masiyiwa said soldiers are gone from governments and ‘we will never allow them to come back’

He said his African Agribusiness Academy (AGRA) does not only seek to increase food production, but also to stimulate the growth of small holder farmers.

Masiyiwa said 80% of all food produced in Africa is produced by small holder farmers, and most of the people who provide the labour in farms are women.

On corruption, Masiyiwa said although it is not yet going, corruption is going.

The statements made by Masiyiwa can be considered controversial given the fact that Zimbabwe, Malawi, Mozambique, Lesotho and the DRC are currently facing various political and military crisis, with elections being challenged in courts and in the case of Zimbabwe, a military Coup having taken place on November 2017.