Vendors Must Leave Harare CBD Forever – Joseph Chinotimba

Buhera South Legislator Joseph Chinotimba says all vendors in the Central Business district of Harare should be moved to the outskirts of the city.

Chinotimba said vendors are preventing investments from potential investors willing to boost the economy of Zimbabwe.

“I’m against all vendors in town although I’m MP for the people but not for the vendors in town”, he said.

Chinotimba said he is in full support of Harare Mayor Mr Gomba who authorized the demolition of illegal vending structures.

He said during the times of Ian Smith no vendor was found in the CBD, they were located in the villages or outskirts of Harare therefore they should be banned and open town for business and investors.

Chinoz said state security forces should be deployed in Harare to displace vendors for good.