Dewa Mavhinga Calls For UN Intervention in Zimbabwe over Mamombe Abduction

Dewa Mavhinga, Southern Africa Director for Africa at Human Rights Watch says the International community should intervene in Zimbabwe.

Mavhing said the United Nations must speak out against such brutality, a special envoy should be dispatched to the country to stop the cruelty by state security.

He said Its pure evil and an indication of state involvement as the the police confirmed the arrest of the trio but later denied to the public.

Mavhinga said abuse should be condemned and perpetrators should be bought to book, “no human being deserves that cruelty no matter what crime would have been committed”.

No law gives state security forces power to physically, se_xually and emotionally harrass unarmed civilians in that manner

Mavhinga added that the trio had the right to protest and only the court can determine the legitimacy of the protest.