South Africa Breweries says more of its frontline workers will lose their jobs if the lockdown restrictions are not lifted.

Zoleka Lisa, VP for corporate affairs, said if the lockdown continues, about 75 000 jobs will be lost.

Lisa said said that if SAB is unable to transport its inventory within the next few days, it would be forced to destroy over 130 million litres of beer.

Under lockdown, the transportation of alcohol is strictly prohibited.

The brewery has not initiated any new brewing since the start of lockdown. They have been fermenting and bottling alcohol as part of the wind-down in operations.

“Roughly 400 million bottles of beer are sitting in our beer tanks across the country. As SAB, we’re not permitted to package and transport this beer to our storage depots across the country in the next few days, we will, unfortunately, be forced to discard this inventory.”