Apostle Chiwenga slammed Mwazha’s sons for asking ED Mnangaga to intervene in their church dispute.

Apostle Chiwenga said, Mwazha shrine is a business empire led by a false prophet using the name of Jesus to woodwink people into joining it that it why succession dispute is at its peak.

Apostle Chiwenga said it is embarrassing that the church is approaching a wicked person of the world to seek reconciliation.

The man of God said it is foolish to ask reconciliation from a man who failed to reconcile with his master the late Robert Mugabe until he died.

Chiwenga added that Mnangagwa has failed to unify his own party, there are bickerings and fights while some officials like Jonathan Moyo, Saviour Kasukuwere are living in exile.

Apostle Chiwenga said the church no longer possess the power to be checks and balances of the state as politics is interfering with the affairs of the church.