ZANU-PF Celebrates Recall of MDC MPs

Tafadzwa Mugwadi, ZANU PF director of Information and publicity says MDC must fall because it does not carry the agenda of the country.

Mugwadi uttered the statements following the recalling of three MDC A MPs from parliament by Khupe.

He said all the MDCs in their various manifestations do not belong to the people of Zimbabwe.

Mugwadi said: “They are just a stumbling block synonymous with violence and demostrations”.

He said the MDC headquarters, harvest house is now fit to be a vending market which will boost the economy of the country.

Mugwadi added that the informal sector can now utilise the harvest house as the MDC is crumbling down.

Mugwadi however, dismissed the fact that ZANU Pf is responsible for causing chaos within MDC as it has many things to tackle on its tables.