STRANGE : Rev Chiyangwa Still Calling Himself AFM in Zimbabwe President

Rev Chiangwa Recognizes Mnangagwa and His Government

In a strange twist, Rev Cossam Chiyangwa is still calling himself President of the AFM in Zimbabwe regardless of the Supreme Court ruling which barred him from taking over the leadership of the church.

Rev Chiyangwa was preaching at the National Sunday service broadcasted on Sunday where he was addressed as the AFM in Zimbabwe president.

A fired up Chiangwa started off by recognizing ED Mnangagwa and his vice Presidents before going into his sermon on the law and how the blood of Jesus took away all curses.

Chiangwa reminded all AFM in Zimbabwe members to pay their tithes and offerings regardless of the Coronavirus.

AFM is one of the biggest and oldest Pentecostal churches in the country, it was in 2018 ripped apart with the formation of two warring factions — one led by the Reverend Amon Dubie Madawo and Rev Cossam Chiangwa.

Meanwhile, Reverend Amon Madawa is currently the president of the church after the high court ruling declared him as the legitimate leader.