Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa has slammed Bill Gates and his involvement in Vaccine development.

Speaking during yesterday’s Sunday Service, Makandiwa said Bill Gates knows nothing about medicine and yet he is on the forefront of speaking about the coronavirus.

Makandiwa said while people are asking him to stay in his lane, Bill Gates is allowed to control the patent and the technology for Coronavirus.

Makandiwa says chip implants inside the human body are the seed of the devil.

Bill Gates is currently developing chip implants through his associated companies.

Makandiwa said Christians should resist everything that is associated with the seed of the devil.

He said, the seed of the devil comes in form of wicked inventions, experiments and the introduction of technology in the physical body.

Moreover he said people are dying not because of the virus but because they have believed the lies they are being told by influential people from the superpowers.

The man of God said a billionaire has the power to convince one that he or she is sick and can not be healed and is a father of lies.