UN Must Declare Zimbabwe Situation A Human Made Disaster – Petition

A new petition by the Zimbabwe People Power Movement is asking the United Nations to declare the situation in Zimbabwe a human Made Disaster.

The petition can be signed by clicking here

Mr Albert Matapo said this petition will be handed to the United Nations and encouraged Zimbabweans all over the world to sign the petition.

Matapo said the situation IN Zimbabwe is human made because ZANU PF has mismanaged the economy through poor policies and corruption.

The petition reads as follows:

Zimbabweans face deepening and catastrophic challenges: URGENT United Nations help needed

More than eight (8) million Zimbabweans are in dire need of urgent food and humanitarian support as the country faces the brink of a catastrophic disaster. This has been occasioned by a multiplicity of known and proven errors of judgement, blatant human rights abuses, disregard of the rule of law, corruption, gross mismanagement of the economy, continued electoral fraud, arbitrary and unabated plundering of national resources including minerals and many others by the supposed stewards. This is just the tip of an iceberg as more and more ruling elites are increasingly getting richer than Zimbabwe. All these ills have earned the once-prosperous nation (the breadbasket of Africa) the status of a failed state.

It is for these and many other reasons that the people of Zimbabwe through their social movement, Zimbabwe People Power Movement (ZPPM), humbly appeals to the United Nations (UN) together with its member states, sister organs, and many world leaders to consider declaring the Zimbabwean state of affairs a COMPLETE MAN-MADE DISASTER in order to open doors to those with the means to help to do so to the suffering, hapless and oppressed people of Zimbabwe. The obtaining situation on the ground can best be described as desperate as most people are now only looking forward to the intervention of God. Detailed reasons for the ruling ZANU PF Party’s cataclysmic failure can be available on request as could not be articulated here.