Grace Mugabe Exhumes and Reburies Mugabe ‘s body – Spotlight Zimbabwe

Mugabe ordered Grace Not To Allow His Body Out Of His sight

Spotlight Zimbabwe Reports that Grace Mugabe has exhumed and reburied Mugabe ‘s body at a secret location in his home village of Zvimba.

The story which appeared in today ‘s edition of the online newspaper, was written by Itai Mushekwi and Mary Kate Kahari.

Spotlight also says Grace Mugabe has moved to the Zvimba homestead of Mugabe where she is protecting Mugabe’ s body.

She has also started the process of erecting a massive security wall around Mugabe’s rural home.

The exhumation has been done to prevent Mugabe ‘s political enemies from getting to his body.

A source told Spotlight Zimbabwe that Mugabe’ s body is not where most people think it is and its actual location is a closely Guarded secret only known to close family members.

Mugabe reportedly gathered hus family in Singapore in July 2019 and told them to protect his body even after his death as the new ZANU PF leadership would try to harvest his body parts for Rituals.

Specifically, there is a belief among certain people in ZANU PF that whoever possesses the skull of Mugabe will retain uncontrollable power.