South African based Zimbabwe Multi Millionaire, Frank Buyanga has taken the gloves off in his fight with the Mnangagwa family.

Buyanga,who is embroiled in a custody battle with his baby mama, chantelle Muteswa,has written to the judicial services commission accussing the Mnangagwa family of interfering with judicial processes.

Using what he termed his ‘intelligence infrastructure’ , Buyanga was able to determine that a member of the Mnangagwa family had called the presiding judge in the case, Justice Manzunzu, 15 minutes before the Judgement was delivered.

It was evident from this statement that Mnangagwa family phone records have been compromised.

Buyanga goes on to accuse Collins Mnangagwa of assisting his ex-girlfriend in her Shenanigans and  says he only decided not to go after him because Mnangagwa was his old Mnangagwa.

Buyanga also names Dylish Nguwaya and Mallan Zorodzai Chiswa as some of the Mnangagwa Associates that are interfering with Justice Manzunzu.

Buyanga also names officers from Mnangagwa’s office in the interference, including by approaching the Minister of Justice and other judges.

Further Developments

A court order has subsequently been issued for Frank to return the child and for custody to rest completely with Chantell.

How far is Frank Willing to go for this child

Frank Frank Buyanga in my opinion, will go to the ends of the earth to maintain custody over his child. He will spare no expense to make sure Chantelle and the Mnangagwa family lose in their bid to assist Chantelle.

He particularly blames Auxillia Mnangagwa for his problems with Chantelle.

What kind of a person is Frank

Frank is a very focused punisher. He believes in the use of muscle and does not back down to anyone

If there is a fight, he will not walk away from it.

From my observation, Frank believes he has a spiritual duty to defend himself.

His backing by General Chiwenga makes him particularly dangerous as he can use state actors against the Mnangagwa family.