The Spokesman of Dr Thokozani Khupe, Mr Khaliphani Phugeni spoke to Gambakwe Media and clarified the position regarding the membership of Dr Thokozani Khuphe in the MDC,

Phugeni explained that the congresses held in 2018 for MDC-T in Stanley square and the one held by the MDC Alliance in Gweru in 2019 were nullified by the Supreme court and should be treated as if it never happened.

Mr Phugeni said there is no confusion about this matter as the Supreme court has made a determination on the matter and this is now law in Zimbabwe.

He said therefore, the faction called the MDC-T and the once called MDC Alliance have all been nullified and everyone is now under the legitimate acting President who is Dr Thokozani Khuphe.

When it comes to the MPs, Councillors and Senators – these belong to the MDC-T. However, Phugeni says there will be no dissolution of the factions through an announcement as the judgement was pronounced and the MDC had said before the judgement was pronounced that they will associate themselves with the judgment.

Phugeni said Dr Khupe never formed a. Political party as a political party can not be formed through an extraordinary congress.

On why Nyikadzino is moving from one position to another, Phugeni said the people behind Nyikadzino are the clients of Thabani Mpofu and they are attempting to confuse the situation before the end of the lockdown.

Phugeni said the only position that will be up for contestation will be the substantive President of the MDC. This means whatever happens, Dr Thokozani Khuphe will either be the President or the Vice President of the MDC.

Phugeni said Parliament and ZEC and Parliament will advise Nyikadzino of the correct position as determined by the Suprement Court.