The Zimbabwe Mail online Newspaper has revealed that Auxillia Mnangagwa survived an assassination attempt this week.

The online newspaper quoted a source in the President’s Office.

“The target was the First Lady herself and it is suspected that there was a security breach that tempered with the brakes of some of the cars on that convoy.”

Sources revealed that there were gunshots at the scene, however, local villagers refused to confirm this information.

One bodyguard died during the incident and he was named as Albert Vunganai (36).

Vunganai passed away in the Mavhuradonha mountains while escorting  Auxillia Mnangagwa to Muzarabani on Friday.

He leaves behind a wife Nancy and two children – Nyevero (9) and Jefferson (4).

Three other bodyguards are in hospital after being injured during the accident.

“This was a botched assasination attempt on the First Lady my brother. The President’s family is living in constant threat from multiples of political rivals. They don’t sleep on one place on successive nights,” our source revealed.