PANIC As General Chiwenga Moves To WEDZA – Dangwe News

General Chiwenga and Perence Shiri come from the same area in Wedza

Dangwe News reports that there is panic in ED Mnangagwa’s camp after General Chiwenga moved from Harare to his rural home in Wedza.

General Chiwenga’s home in Wedza is about 130km From Harare and Chiwenga is traveling every day to Harare by motorcade or using a Military helicopter.

Dangwe News revealed that Chiwenga and Perence Shiri all come from the same area in Wedza.

Dangwenews speculated that General Chiwenga could have moved to Wedza for the following reasons:

1. Chiwenga could be plotting something from Wedza. The online Newspaper revealed that Chiwenga has been frustrated since his return from China.

Recent media reports named Perence Shiri as Chiwenga’s preferred Vice President. This means the two homeboys could easily plot something together from their home base.

2. Dangwe News Said it is possible that this move was made for security reasons.

It harder to spy on General Chiwenga if he is away from the city as he can take only his most trusted security people.

As home is also sorrounded by loyal villagers, any outsider would be easily exposed by locals who are grateful that one of their own is Zimbabwe Vice President.

3. Dangwe-news revealed that Chiwenga is feeling frustrated with the situation in the Zimbabwe government and his ability to influence issues. A security source is quoted as saying:

‘The man is not in a good space at the moment and Wedza maybe the best place for him away from all the noise in the Capital.

3. Dangwe-news also revealed that the move could have been made on health grounds.

Dangwe quoted security sources saying Chiwenga is not physically fit and is spending a lot of time resting.

Its is possible that in the light of Corona Virus, a decision was made to move him to the rural areas where there are less chances of infection.

In conlcuison:

Chiwenga moving to his rural home would bring about panic in ED Mnangagwa’s camp given the fact that there is already suspicion between the two factions.

Mnangagwa would prefer a situation where he can see Chiwenga daily. This move has made the situation worse because as was reported by Spotlight Zimbabwe, Chiwenga is now operating from the Zimbabwe National Defence College.