Zimbabwean returnees quarantined at Plumtree high school are demanding more condoms after they finished at least three boxes in a day, despite calls for social distancing.

Government provided only three boxes of condoms to more than 300 people.

Simon Masanga, the Secretary for Public Service, Labour and Social Welfare told ZTN that four boxes of condoms where emptied in 24 hours.

“We supplied three boxes at a centre in Plumtree and by end of day they had been finished. I really don’t know how the condoms were used, whether they packed or used them within the centre I don’t know.

“Remember this is not a military camp and these are adults we are dealing with. Factoring in that they had been quarantined in Botswana before travelling to Zimbabwe, anything can happen”

He added that, although they are educated about the importance of social distancing in the Covid-19 fight, they can still decide to do what they want.