Mbuya Mavhu Chigaramhapa from Stoneridge said cancer is most prevelant among active women using family planning methods such as jadel, pills.

In an interview with 263chat, he said these methods have detrimental effects on the health of women as they affect the cervix.

Cancer is disease in which abnormal cells divide uncontrollable and destroy body tissues.

Furthermore cancer develops when the body’s normal control mechanism stop working.

Mbuya Mavhu said the symptoms of cancer among women include painful lumps in the cervix or breast which then grows uncontrollable.

She said clinical methods to cure cancer have often led to a high number of deaths.

Sometimes tumor ablation is requested on a person with cancer, this is an invasive surgical method to treat cancer lumps.

Special probes are used to burn the cancer however a few have survived.

Mbuya Mavhu said women should not temper around with the cervix because it affects the functionality of the whole body sometime causes paralysis.

Gogo Mavhu said consuming traditional herbs is the only way to heal cancer.

She said traditional herbs have proved to be very effective in curing lumps which cause pains in the cervix which later distubs the sexual life of a woman.

People can get in touch with Mbuya Mavhu at her home 14207 Stoneridge.