Chinese nationals in Zimbabwe have been denied access to health care since the Covid-19 outbreak though their cases were not related to the pandemic, says Beijing’s representative in Harare.

Guo Shaochun, China’s ambassador to Zimbabwe, made the claim after complaints by African countries that their nationals were subjected to forced quarantines and testing for the coronavirus in the Asian country.

Shaonchun called the cases in China “sensationalised” and “isolated incidents of what is misunderstanding caused by insufficient communication”.

He said some Chinese citizens were being unfairly treated in Zimbabwe.

“Since March, Zimbabwe has seen a series of cases in which Chinese nationals, with medical conditions unrelated to Covid-19, were refused treatment by local hospitals. Some Chinese individuals were verbally and physically abused in the street,” he said in a statement.

These cases were not in the public domain because “the Chinese embassy, Chinese nationals and journalists in Zimbabwe chose to inform the Zimbabwean authorities” rather than going to the media.

Meanwhile,  In Guangzhou it is believed the vast majority of the city’s African population have been forced into quarantine or are sleeping on the streets.

The racial discrimination faced by Africans in some parts of the world has caused serious displeasure with Africans as a whole.

Dr Tumbi a youtuber said its high time people stood up and defend their color.

She said the act by Zimbabweans should be a wake up call for the Chinese because Africans will not just sit and watch the discrimination against their fellow Africans.

However, the African government seems to be siding with China more than their own citizens.