ZANU PF National Secretary for administration Obert Mpofu says ZANU PF has managed to maintain its popularity since 1980 up-to-date through its favourable policies meant to develop the country.

Congratulating Zimbabwe as it turns 40years, Mpofu said ZANU PF will remain popular because it introduced policies like the land reform devolution, empowerment, democracy and mainly independence.

Zimbabwe gained its Independence on the 18th of April 1980 after two liberation movements ZIPRA and ZANLA joined forces in fighting the whites.

Mpofu accused the opposition party MDC for being detractors appealing for sanctions from the European countries to make Zimbabwe suffer, however ZANU Pf will never be threatened by the acts.

“We have resuscitated some of our companies that had been closed down due to sanctions, mainly the cold storage and leather companies while the mining sector has received many investments”, he said.

Mpofu added that Zimbabwe is the one and only country in Africa which has managed to educate it youth through empowerment.

He said education should not be associated with employment but with empowerment enhancing the intellectual capacity of human beings.