Prophet Makandiwa Receives Support On Mark of The Beast From Dr Ian Ndlovu

The epic theological argument between Prophet Makandiwa and Apostle Chiwenga has taken a new twist.

While Prophet Makandiwa says the Mark of the Beast is physical and digital, Apostle Chiwenga has insisted that the Mark of the Beast is the false gospel and not physical.

This week, Dr Ian Ndlovu took the side of Prophet Makandiwa and said the mark of the beast from the book of Revelation chapter 13 has diverse interpretations as to what it symbolises.

Dr Ian Ndlovu of Divine Kingdom Ministries says the mark of the beast is a physical mark on the human body.

He said through the spirit of God, the mark of the beast will be a physical digital mark not something that will only be visible to the spiritual eye.

Dr Ian Ndlovu said people should be warned that a moment will come when the devil will begin using the digitisation technique to account forr the people under his control.

In May 2018, Pastor Ndlovu gave a prophetic warning titled ‘the coming of the internet of people’.

He revealed that God will shake the heavens and the earth which will trigger the internet of people and a serious move to digitalisation.

Pastor Ian Ndlovu said he has been sent to remind saints that the body is a temple of God therefore it should be kept holy.

Dr Ndlovu said it is the duty of every saint to protect the body from any violation, spiritual definations or marking of any sort.