Coronavirus Cases and Infections in South Africa will rise sharply after the lockdown is lifted at the end of April. However, the South African government does not have the capacity to sustain the lockdown for any longer.

As of yesterday, there were more than 50 confirmed deaths from Coronavirus, while over 3000 people have tested positive.

Current trends show that Coronavirus will become uncontrollable if South Africans are allowed to go about their lives as usual. This is because recent infections an unusual large number of infections in one malls, retail shops and hospitals.

Here are some of the recently published infections:

1. 24 Dischem Staff Tested Positive
2. Checkers Balito Junction has to be closed after an employee tested positive. A number of other Checkers branches had to be closed and sanitised for similar reasons
3. Woolworths PE had to be closed after an employee tested positive.
4. 6 People who attended a funeral were tested positive
5. 2 Netcare Hospitals in KZN had to be closed after too many health care professionals tested positive.

These few cases highlight that coronavirus is easily spread from one person to another who work or stay close to each other.

When the lock-down is lifted, South Africans in the following places are most at risk:

1.  Public transport users at taxi ranks, taxis, buses, and trains
2. Hospitals, Schools, Churches, Weddings and Funerals are hubs for infections
3. Crowded informal settlements exist across the whole of South Africa
4. Hospitals, Shops and Pharmacies

The SA government will however be forced to lift the lockdown as:

– Businesses are suffering
– Most infections are mild and asymptomatic
– Pressure from people who work on contract
– There is no capacity in government to sustain the lockdown through a bailout

It will not be surprising if there is another lockdown further down the road if more infections arise than expected.