Jethro Rusike of JCTV Zimbabwe says ED Mnangagwa had no choice but to allow the mining sector to operate as the economy is in shambles.

Rusike was speaking Exclusively to Gambakwe Media after ED Mnangagwa extended the Zimbabwe Lockdown By 2 Weeks to 3 May 2020

Rusike said the mining sector is the only industry that can sustain Zimbabwe’s economy however the government should avail personal protective equipment to the workers.

Rusike said opening for 2 Weeks is not sufficient as the level of testing is still too low. The government should step up mass testing in order to flatten the curve.

While rural citizens will not be too affected by the extension, city dwellers will be hit hardest due to food shortages.

The government should come up with a contingent plan on how they will assist the vulnerable and mostly affected families to fend for themselves.