Apostle Vutabwashe of Heartfelt International Ministries has pleaded with African leaders to begging for help from China.

Apostle Vutabwashe said African leaders should stop the tendencies of travelling to other continents because there is no way someone who once wanted to destroy the Africans can provide genuine assistance.

He said no matter the level of conflict in the lake, a fish will not jump will not jump out to look for help from other lakes.

The man of God said, as long as African leaders are seeking help from China, they have already lostĀ  the strategy for winning a battle.

“Our victory is in our environment and our territories”, he said.

He urged African Presidents to grow their own solutions which they will be confidence.

Apostle Vutabwashe said a government which seeks help from other countries will be donating itself for slaughter.