Apostle Garanewako says Coronavirus was made by scientist from a strange sea creature in China.

He said, scientists found the creature which had DNA properties similar to that of a human being and can regenerate its self. They took its blood and mixed it with the human blood.

The experiment was tested on a man in Wuhan which later became the epicenter of Covid-19 after the human system rejected what they had placed inside.

Apostle Garanewako says according to creation, God said when one kills an animal they should not drink the blood because that’s where the life of the animal is kept.

The scientists are silencing the church so that everyone could turn to them for vaccines.

Garanewako said the scientists will not use existing medicine to cure the virus because they will not make money therefore until they develop a new vaccine a number of people will be left to die.

The apostle said cure is already there but only the church has it.

“Only the church can bring healing for there is no cure greater than the name Jesus”.