A crisis is developing in the pharmacy sector in South Africa

This afternoon, Dischem confirmed that 24 staff members at Dischem Boksburg have tested Postive for Coronavirus.

These numbers were confirmed by Dischem, who also said the first positive test was on Friday the 9th.

There is major concern regarding social distancing at most retail outlets after Checkers and Woolworths branches had to be closed this week.

A month ago, Barbra Lace, the Group Clinic Manager at Dischem appeared on eTV and advised members of the public to follow Who guidelines.

However, this appears not to be working at Dischem Pharmacies and other retailers.

Unconfirmed reports indicate that the branch has been re-opened barely 24 hours after the discovery of the positive cases.

A doctor on Twitter also complained that the Boksburg branch sent a positive Coronavirus Case to him without first notifying him and the patient was not even wearing a mask.