Coronavirus has wrecked havoc worldwide. It has left many people chilled and afraid with unanswered questions regarding what will happen after this disease.

Dr Ian Ndlovu has given an assurance to the world that this is not the end of the world as so many things are set to happen after this disease. 

He said Coronavirus is only a wake up call to Christians  and a chance to repent for non believers. 

Dr Ndlovu said God has decided to give this reminder that the world will one day end because many people have invested their time in the things of this world forgetting that there is a Creator of everything.

Dr Ian Ndlovu said there are so many events which are yet to in unfold before the world comes to an end.

The mark of the beast according to revelations is yet to be fulfilled, the message of the 3 angels and the time of the great tribulation is yet to come.

He said it will only be after these events that the world will come to an end.