Self Proclaimed Prophet of Doom Apostle TF Chiwenga debunked Makandiwa’s teaching on the mark of the beast during his online sermons on Wednesday.

Chiwenga said listening to Makandiwa preach about the Mark of the Beast is similar from getting the teaching from the devil himself.

The Apostle said Makandiwa should stop spreading false teachings on the mark of the beast because it is not something you get on the physical body.

It is a mark one gets on the spiritual body to distinguish between the one who belongs to God and he who belongs to the devil.

This comes after Makandiwa claimed that he would rather be arrested than take the Covid-19 vaccine which comes with a chip implantation on a human body signifying the Mark of the beast.

Chiwenga said the mark of the beast is not something that is yet to come, it already in existence hence everyone who received Makandiwa message on the mark of the beast received the mark of the beast itself because he was falsifying issues.

The apostle, tasked Makandiwa to send him a picture of the mark of salvation he received since he is saying the chip implantation is the mark of the beast he wont have planted in his body.