A man from Rusape talks to Drewmas Media about how his mother went crazy and started to do Rituals when he was 5 years old.

The situation worsened when his mother beat their youngest brother after he had a seizure and the young boy died the next day.

At the young boy ‘s burial, the mother refused to let anyone ask about what had happened and the police were never called.

Later, the mother asked the whole family to do rituals at the grave of his young brother, naked.

Here are some of the things his mother did:

– Using traditional Herbs, she pacified his father and he could no longer think straight or make decisions. It was as if he was under a spell

– She asked his father sell all the family cattle and leave their homestead because she said these were evil.
– They moved to another new area where the mother where they lived in an incomplete house.
– She stopped him from going to school when he was 13.

The Grave Ritual

One day, the whole family was told to walk 12km naked to a graveyard at night.

The mother took soil from the graveyard and made the whole family eat soil from the graves. She then abused his brother after telling his father to go back home.

As they walked back, they would all be asked to walk in the footsteps of the mother. When they came to a river she suddenly ran away and crossed the river and shouted that his sister had died. His sister looked Paralysed. She later came back and helped them cross. He says if she had not came back, he is sure all the kids would have died.

The Chief’s Court

When they got home, the father and mother had a quarrel and the case was taken to the Chief’s court.

At the Chief’s court, the mother disrupted the court like no one had ever seen before.

Escape to Rusape

After seeing the situation deteriorating , he decided to leave home. He became a herdboy in Rusape.

Later he decided to go back home. He began to refuse to take the herbs his mother was giving the other children.

Eventually he had to leave home again.

Unable to Keep a job

The friend took him to Rusape kept him for 3 days. However, after that he unexplainably threw him out.

As he walked in Rusape, he met a man who helped him get a job in Harare.

He worked for 3 months in Harare and then decided to go back home.

On his return, he was suddenly fired. He believes his mother had somehow put a curse on him.

New Job in Harare

After being fired, he started to walk the streets of Harare.

He met someone on the streets and stayed with him in Mbare for 2 days.

On the second night, a thief came and broke into the house and stole everything. The owner of the house threw him and the man who had offered him accommodation out.

He had no choice but to walk the streets of Harare again.

That night, he slept at the railways line of Harare. On the 3rd day he discovered the Industrial areas of Harare where he would eat the bread crumbs at Lobels.

Eventually, he got a job and started to do well.

Losing His job again

After a while, he decided to visit home again.
During this visit, his mother told him that told him that he was not yet a grown man. He would never marry a girl until she said so.

The local girl

One day when he visited his rural home, he met a local girl. His mother saw him walking with the girl.

When he went back home, his mother started to beat him with a whip.

The girl heard the commotion and she ran away to Mutare.

The pregnant girl

Eventually, he fell in love with another local girl.

This girl visited his mother and befriended his mother.

One day, when he was in Harare, he heard that this girl had eloped to his home

Strangely, she was 7 months pregnant, but he had never slept with her. He heard she was staying with his mother.

He asked to leave and she refused until she gave birth. It was unbelievable.

Death of His Father

During this difficult time, his father died after being sick for only one day.

No one informed him that his father was dead. He only heard from a friend that his father was dead and when he got home his father was already buried.

Meeting his Wife

In Harare he had another girl with whom he fallen in love with ( His current wife).

When he decided to marry her, he lost his job, he was now jobless, with a new wife.

Living homeless in Harare

His brother gave him and his new wife a place to stay for a month and other people also helped. He was hoping to get another job. However, he could not get another job.

Eventually he and his wife moved back to his rural home.

When he got home with his new wife, his mother tore off her clothes and ran after the two with a Knob-Kerrie. She did not want anything to do with the new wife.

She told everyone not to accept the wife and for two weeks they lived in the forest.

His mother found the home of his new wife and went there. On arrival, she tore her clothes at the in laws home and swore that she would never accept their daughter as her son’s wife.

The family of his wife sent an uncle came to get their daughter, but did not find them at home as she was now living in the forest.

Their troubles continued as they lost their young child due to the conditions they were living in.


One day, his mother found the cave in which the two were sleeping. She came during the day and burnt the only blanket they had.

The final straw

One day the mother took grave flowers and did a ritual to kill his wife. This was the final straw. He took her to the Chief ‘s court.

The Chief’s Court

The case was taken to the Chief’s Court where his mother said she wanted his wife to leave. The Chief questioned her and discovered that she was an impossible woman.

His mother was very angry. She called a curse upon him that day.

She told him that he would never do well in his life because he didn’t want to leave his wife.

The flies

Strange flies started to follow him and bite him. No one else would see these flies except him.

There were four types of flies that followed him. When they bit him, his stomach would swell and he would become powerless.

Traditional Healers

He visited traditional healers from far and wide, but nothing helped. He has visited prophets in Harare, some of the most well known, using borrowed funds.

The woman mysterious woman who comes into his bed at night

Although he was married, he said there was a strange occurrence. Every night, he had visions of a woman who comes into his bedroom. She pushes away his wife and goes into bed with him.

Once, he brought a prophet from Harare to help cleanse him, but the prophet turned against them after being overpowered by his mother.

What is happening now

He says he still has dreams every night in bed involving a woman who comes and visits him. His young brother has the same dreams and has not been married and does not want any other woman. His sister is in Harare and she is not happy. She now has a baby but is not married.

He is currently unemployed and he is still being bitten by the flies.

His wife does all the manual Labour. He is always tired and becomes powerless every time he wants to do any work.

He believes his mother ‘s curse made him like this.

The Grandfather

He says in a bid to trace his misfortunes, he once went to visit his grandmother when she was still alive.

She was very angry and did not entertain him. His mother’ sister also refused to entertain him.

Another man told him that his mother’s issues started when she was very young.

He was told that his grandfather was a powerful traditional healer.

His mother and this grandfather used to go and get herbs together at night for over 40km away when she was a young girl. She was not supposed to be married, as she had been assigned a spiritual medium.

This was the source of her current eccentric behavior. She is still alive, and no longer takes off her clothes, but he believes that she is fighting him spiritually.