South Africa Minister of Public Works, Patricia De Lille tweeted that More SANDF Soldiers will be deployed along the Zimbabwe Beitbridge boarder after the newly installed 40km fence was cut and breached.

The new R37 Million, 40km Fence was recently completed on both sides of the Beitbridge border, before President Cyril Ramaphosa announced the South Africa Lockdown. The fence was installed using National emergency Procurement funds.

Public Works Minister, Patricia Delille said additional soldiers will be deployed to patrol the border fence after reports reached her that the fence has been cut and breached.

Minister De Lille Tweeted that the fence has been breached and the Military would be asked to patrol the improve patrol along the fence.


This new development will embarrassment to the SANDF which has been accused in the past of being lax with security along the boarders with Neighboring countries.

Experts told Gambakwe Media that a country like South Africa, which has advanced drone systems should be able to fully monitor its borders which are relatively short and in the case of Zimbabwe, which have many difficult to cross points covered by the Limpopo river.

Zimbabweans have been crossing into South Africa for decades in an effort to escape the economic crisis in Zimbabwe.

The South African government has been ignoring the situation in Zimbabwe over the years, citing good relations between South Africa’s ruling ANC and Zimbabwe’s ZANU-PF which are both liberation movements.

Zimbabweans Asked to leave SOUTH AFRICA voluntarily

In a related matter, the Zimbabwean government has asked its citizens based in South Africa, who want to leave voluntarily to register on an online list.

The Zimbabwe embassy said on its Facebook Page that its citizens who are experiencing difficulties can still leave South Africa through the boarder as the border is open for those who want to exit.

Citizens can register on here:

The Situation for Zimbabweans Going forward


The situation for Zimbabweans in South Africa is unlikely to be the same as before in future.

Given the deteriorating economic situation in South Africa, the government of South Africa is likely to tighten controls along the border with Zimbabwe.

It is also going to be harder for Zimbabweans to secure work permits in South Africa as the unemployment rate in South Africa has been growing and is set to get worse due to the recent downgrade of South Africa to junk by international ratings agencies.